– Consulting –

Dr. Joel Gendelman provides virtual,
on-site, and just-in-time consulting.

Nothing happens unless first we dream
– Carl Sandburg

Most virtual presentations are boring. Participants either wish they had a pillow or quickly begin answering their emails. Modern virtual presentation products provide a wealth of tools, but we all know that tools are only as good as the craftsman using it.

That is where we come in.

We can ensure your organization’s success by taking on that special project from beginning to end, or helping you push through areas where you are getting stuck.

We know virtual presentations and are at the forefront of devising innovative methods to use them to further business goals. Our firm offers consulting services both virtually and on-site. If you need us to provide you with a few hours of advice or help you develop an enterprise-wide strategy for communicating virtually with customers and business partners, we can craft a plan for you.

Please contact us directly and tell us how we can help you realize the benefits of this compelling new technology.