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Future Technologies’ virtual presentations, blended learning, eLearning, online documentation and instructor-led training projects

Future Technologies develops instructional solutions for an impressive list of clients in just about every industry that you can imagine.



Training Course critical to the startup of a new manufacturing plant.  This course was designed to train a wide-variety of employees to use pervasive Finite Monitoring and Scheduling applications.

Series of group and on-the-job training courses to train maintenance engineers in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to maintain critical utilities (e.g., Oxygen).

Performance Qualifications and spreadsheets linking those qualifications to job plans for Instrumentation Technicians, Process Engineers, and Manufacturing Associates.

Blended training and reference curriculum to support the introduction of a Manufacturing Execution System. This curriculum incorporates workshop materials, electronic demonstrations, and an innovative online mastery test.

Case-study based Risk Assessment course to support managers in facilitating basic risk assessment efforts.


Retrofitted the new-hire training curriculum for the third-largest generic drug manufacturer in the world.


Web-based training and work instructions to train over 15 audience groups to use an automated system to enter, track, and close work orders. This project was completed in less than two months, including multi-media production.

Interactive workshop to train Corporate Engineering staff to perform a variety of functions (e.g., estimating, scheduling, change control, cost management) using a pervasive new software application.  This project was completed in less than a month.

Work instructions to guide Quality Assurance auditors in creating, tracking, and processing observations, corrective actions, and corrective action plans.  Future Technologies completed this project in just over one month.


Gambro BCT

Multimedia web-based training course to train service personnel to use a sophisticated calibration management system.

Web and CD training course to provide refresher training for manufacturing personnel on major quality initiatives.

Video-based self-study course to train blood center personnel to use a revolutionary new blood collection system.

SmithKline Beckman

Comprehensive documentation system to train office managers and office staff to setup, use, and maintain a pervasive computerized medical management system.

Highly interactive and video-supported interpersonal communications workshop for all levels of employees.

Foundation Health Care

Integrated training and documentation system to support a companywide system conversion for the largest managed heath care organization in the United States.  This project went off without a hitch; on-time and within budget.

Kaiser Permanente

State-of-the-art CD-based interactive training program to train telephone triage nurses to diagnose life-threatening illnesses.  This program saves over 30 lives a year.


Managed Care 101, to train all employees of the company to become ambassadors of managed care.


Lockheed Martin

Air Force Flight Safety Education and Training Course, Mission Capability

Developed the Quality Assurance Plan for a multi-million dollar training effort.  This plan included a comprehensive Instructor Observation and Critique form.

Squadron Officers College (SOC) Curriculum Development Methodology & Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL) Network Centric Curriculum/Content

Crafted a stair-cased instructional design methodology to accelerate course development efforts while at the same time reducing costs.  Detailed the specific activities to be performed at each level of this unique process.

Central New Mexico Community College

Analysis and design of a unique community-based project management curriculum for the largest community college in New Mexico.


Molson Coors Brewing Company

Created electronic presentations and user guides that ensured the successful implementation of a portfolio management system for one thousand business professionals worldwide. Future Technologies coordinated the efforts of a global project team spanning three continents to develop 52 separate deliverables. This approach enabled users to be throughly trained the moment the system went live and severely reduced travel costs and time away from the job.



Instructor-led and multimedia eLearning to train boards of directors of small and medium-sized companies.

Real Estate


Organization-wide task analysis for service personnel of a real estate ownership and management company with a current total market capitalization of approximately $19 billion.


State of Colorado

Oversight and management of a multimillion-dollar court mandated training curriculum for the State of Colorado.  Future Technologies was able to reduce vendor costs by 15% without compromising quality.


Multimedia training curriculum to train Veterinarians to recognize foreign infectious diseases in animals.

Financial Services

Wells Fargo Bank

Series of courses to train platform officers and branch managers to sell investment products.

Fred James

Documentation and curriculum plan to train all levels of personnel of the third largest property and casualty insurance brokerage in the country to use a pervasive new computer system.



Self-study curriculum to train financial analysts and accountants to use a “world-wide” financial reporting system.

Sun Oil

Training and reference curriculum to train over “15″ audiences to operate a computerized order entry and order management system.



Multimedia course to train automobile technicians to troubleshoot electronic problems.  This training course was so compelling that technicians would stay in the training rooms until all hours of the night to play the simulation.  In one location, management chained the doors only to find that during the night, technicians cut the lock.



Course design for an interactive training program to train high-level engineers to perform structural analysis using a major Finite Element Analysis based Computer Aided Design package.

Computer Networking, Software, and Services


Workshop training course to train third-party support personnel to effectively support Microsoft operating systems.

Workshop to train resellers to sell Microsoft operating systems.

General Electric

Self-study computer interactive training program and corresponding user manuals to support a variety of office personnel in using a sophisticated computer communications service.

Computer Hardware


Seminar to orient MIS executives to the benefits of ultra high-speed data communications equipment.


Workshop to train customer MIS personnel to plan and design complex networks.

Hands-on course to train customer engineers to install, configure, verify, and troubleshoot network products using standard tools.

Methodology for integrating third-party courses into performance-based Computer-Based Training curricula.  This methodology saved over six million dollars in training expenses.

Video-based performance support system to train Customer Engineers to introduce and establish interest in HP site support capabilities.

Computer-Based Training program to train a variety of audiences to gather and use quality control data.

Workshop to train resellers to sell HP personal computers.


Bookshelf of self-study courses to train applications and systems programmers to use all the facilities of the OS/VS operating systems (VS1, VS2, MVS).

Marketing Guides for high-technology sales representatives.

Data Storage

Hitachi Data Systems

Comprehensive curriculum analysis to determine the training needs of a worldwide sales force.  In the course of this study, we completed Front End and Task Analyses, interviewed management and field personnel from Barcelona to Beijing, and investigated a wide variety of skill/knowledge, environmental, and motivation/inventive/attitude causes.  This effort has the potential to save15 million dollars over a three year period.

Instructor-Led training course to provide new hire sales personnel with the ability to determine how they fit into Hitachi’s value chain and relate their contribution to the big picture of the organization.


Aligned the training of over 1500 customer service, implementation, and technical support personnel worldwide to support organizational goals.

Benchmarking study comparing StorageTek’s Leadership and Management Development Curriculum with those of IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, and General Electric.

An instructional board game to teach customer relationship skills to all employees worldwide of a major data storage manufacturer.  This game was translated into 15 different languages and credited with increasing revenues from repeat customers by over 12%.



Synchronous and asynchronous sessions to train instructional designers and trainers to create and facilitate high-quality interactive training sessions using electronic conferencing software.

Lucent Technologies

Computer/Web Based Training Curricula to train a wide-variety of audiences to service Lucent equipment, and use internal Lucent software systems to configure applications and conduct back-office operations.

Interactive training for international sales personnel on a strategic new product introduction in the voice processing market.

Nortel Networks

“Corporate-wide” needs analysis and curriculum design for the technical training of telecommunications sales, support, and customer personnel.


Multimedia curriculum to train third parties to use Qwest software. This curriculum was awarded the Brandon Hall, Excellence in E-Learning Award.

Rhythms NetConnections

Multimedia training course to train new employees on Rhythms and motivate them to be successful members of the Rhythms team.

Customized multimedia sexual harassment training.  Deployed to 3,000 employees in three weeks.

Designed and developed a comprehensive new hire training curriculum for Rhythms “most successful” sales force.

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