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Future Technologies provides an extensive portfolio of services to augment your current resources.


While it is unfortunate for an organization to do the “right” thing poorly, it is a really a shame to spend all that time and energy to do the “wrong” thing really well.  Future Technologies will make sure that your organization does the “right” thing well.  We will accomplish this by conducting a Front End Analysis to ensure that you are attacking the “right” problem and that this problem can be remedied by training. We will also perform Task and Audience Analyses to make sure that you are training your people to perform tasks the way they “really” work and in a way that is relevant to the people that perform them.

Curriculum Design

Future Technologies then transfers this knowledge into a curriculum/course design that identifies the measurable performance objectives, content organization, media, instructional strategies, and deliverables to be employed in reaching those objectives.  All of this information is incorporated into a comprehensive design document that will ultimately become the blueprint for developing your curriculum/course.  We at Future Technologies Inc. feel that this is the most important phase of your project.  It is where we really get to practice our science and our art in organizing the content economically and in architecting interactive and relevant activities that will motivate and guide your people to perform in ways that will achieve business results.

Course Development

Once the design is approved, Future Technologies uses state-of-the-art instructional design methodologies to create materials to support the instructional strategies identified in the course design.  The strategies that we support are only limited to our joint imagination.

Using our internal staff and network of accomplished associates will develop:

  • Leader-led instruction (participant materials, digital presentations, and leader’s guides)
  • Computer- and Web-based training
  • Interactive software/application simulations
  • Instructional games
  • Distance Learning
  • Self-paced instruction
  • Mediated classroom materials
  • Hybrid educational solutions

Instructional Design

We develop all of our course and instructional strategies using the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Analysis, Design, Development, and Evaluation (ADDE) models.  Future Technologies invigorates and streamlines these models by adding advance instructional methodologies, such as layered instructional design and rapid prototyping.  Our development cycle includes formative and summative evaluation (Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4), pilot testing, train-the-trainer sessions, and implementation assistance.


The staff of Future Technologies has been involved in the development of Computer-and Web-Based Training since the first two projects funded by the National Science Foundation.

Performance Improvement Solutions

Training is not the solution to all problems. People often do not act in productive ways, because of lack of motivation, incentive, or attitude, or because something in their business environment obstructs them from acting in ways that further the goals of your organization.

During the Analysis phase of your project, Future Technologies will identify those obstructions and recommend how you may address them.  Through our network of associates, we stand prepared to help you address those issues, or assist you in lifting those obstructions internally.