Where’s the Beef?

It is really hard to find a technician who doesn’t simply change parts, but knows how things work. A friend of mind who ran a training department for appliance mechanics called this “washerness.”

I so rarely find this that I would like to share it when I do.

A few weeks ago, my 15 year old oven stopped working. Any sane individual would have simply replaced the darn thing, though not I. After my initial investigation, it became apparent that I was looking at spending at least a grand and probably two. That’s more than a heavy duty laptop and I just won’t do it.

I called around town to find someone who would look at the oven. Everyone I called would charge at least a hundred and fifty dollar to take a look at the unit and the cost when up from there. That was ridiculous.

Out of sheer luck, I ran across Bob Colson, who answered the telephone immediately. No receptionist or voicemail for him. After taking with him for a few minutes, it was obvious that he was the real deal. He said that he would be there the next day.

Bob showed up with a helper. It could have been his son. They acted the same way. No pleasantries for these two. They went into the kitchen and immediately began taking apart the oven. Before I knew it, they were reading the wiring schematic and were pulling wires and testing connections. I tried to ask them how it was going, but they acted as if I was not in the room. It was them and the oven and the oven was not talking.
I went back into my home office and continued my work. Before I knew it, Bob had announced that he was finished and began packing up his tools. He presented me with a bill for about $60 and was ready to go on to the next call. As he was walking out the door, I asked him what was wrong. He said that is was a broken wire in the circuit box outside. I could have spent thousands on a new oven and it would still have not broiled chicken.

Thank goodness for people like Bob. No brag, just fact: pure beef, no lettuce, tomatoes, and no bun. Plain and simple, they just do a good job.

Bob thanks for being there when I needed you.

Have any of you met someone like Bob? Please tell us.