How to get into your Customer’s Knickers

A senior executive asked me what his company’s training department does and does he really need all of those people. I answered that if you have to ask that question, they probably aren’t doing their job well and you may be better off without them.

Having been in the training and performance technology world long enough, I have noticed that the pendulum swings between creating a centralized training department to optimize resources and reduce expenses and creating business unit training groups to increase their alignment and responsiveness. When times and good and money is flush, companies go for smaller, more aligned, and more responsive business unit training groups. When money is tight, they move to the corporate centralized model.

Neither model is perfect. One tends to not be as aligned and the other creates some duplication and waste.

Which training model do you feel works best and why? What has been your experience? What have you done to make it work well?

I look forward to hearing from you.