YouTube and Me

Save you cash by using fewer professionally produced video presentations and using more YouTubes to highlight concepts in your virtual courses. There is a wide selection in just about any subject matter that you can imagine. I have found that their lack of sizzle adds to their credibility and authenticity.
Here are my top picks of the month. Please try a few and let me know what you think.

Gaining Attention

20 Things to Do With Matzo

Establishing Relevance

Drooling to Learn – Experiential Learning

Asking and Answering Questions

Ask Huda

Conducting Demonstrations

Changing a Tire

Facilitating Discussions

“The View” Barbara Walters Feels Bad for Sarah Palin

We are not the only smart ones in the room.

I am sure that many of you have some imaginative ideas of your own. Please forward them to us so that we may share them with others.