Use a “Great” Producer

A good virtual instruction producer is a real gem. They should be very tool savvy. They should handle the technical aspects of your session. These include loading and troubleshooting your presentation and supporting materials, recording the session, launching your presentation and media, introducing the presenters, teaching participants how to use the virtual meeting tools, holding questions until a convenient time, conducting polls, and setting up the breakout rooms.

A great producer is also a valued sidekick. Every great late night host had an equally gifted sideman. Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, Jay Leno had Kevin Eubanks, and Gracie Allen had George Burns. What made them uniquely wonderful was their interplay with the host. Ask your producer to feed you questions. Begin discussions by directing questions to them. Banter with your producer in a comfortable and casual way. Be sure to select a producer that complements your style and rehearse with them until you zig and zag together.

A good producer will make your presentation sizzle. A great one will make it shine.