Recycling Learning Objects

Training assets are a resource. Environmentalism aside, when times are flush; it is simpler to replace them instead of refashioning them for usage in new and different situations.

Those days are gone. Just as our natural resources have diminished faster than we expected, so has our cash. We need to do more with less.

During the last recession, a client asked Future Technologies to analyze their most costly curricula. They felt there was significant duplication, they were paying too much in licensing fees, and they were not sure that the curricula was doing what they needed it to do.

Specifically, they wanted to know:

  • How many courses do we have?
  • What behaviors do they support?
  • Are there any duplicate courses?
  • Is anything missing?

Future Technologies devised a methodology that we later called “Reverse Instructional Design” to determine how well the curricula aligned with their business needs. This effort provided management with the ability to significantly reduce costs and enhance results.

This engagement saved the company approximately $4,000,000 over four years. That was a 20,000% return on their investment.

Contact us for a free set of worksheets that will help you save some green.

  • Future Technologies Reverse Instructional Design Process
  • Curriculum Alignment Map (Job Tasks and Performance Objectives)
  • Sample Curriculum Alignment Report
  • Course Content Alignment Map
  • Sample Course Alignment Report