Gaining Attention

As you know, before you can accomplish anything in a presentation, you need to gain the attention of the attendees. Use the same type of icebreakers and creative introductions that you would employ in a face-to-face presentation. For example, ask participants to introduce themselves through the eyes of their pet or share something significant they experienced that few would guess.

Here are a few simple guidelines that will get you the attention that you deserve.

  • Use a web cam or a slide with your picture and, if appropriate and possible, pictures of participants to establish a human element in the presentation.
  • Ask participants to share background information, including professional and personal interests or hobbies. Show interest in the information that participants provide.
  • Begin with a well thought out introduction that captures the essence of your presentation and the attention of the audience. Most participants switch to other tasks in a matter of seconds when things do not hold their attention.